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Cycle 3:
Your Journey
Our Innovation
We're on the lookout for forward-thinking start-ups to pioneer fresh concepts at airports, combining drones, AI, and sustainability. Our mission is to transform your travel experience by developing ingenious solutions. We're focusing on creating sustainable aviation mobility that's not only efficient but also environmentally responsible. If you're a startup with pioneering ideas that can revolutionize the aviation industry, we invite you to be a part of our journey to make air travel better for everyone.

Join us in shaping the future of aviation through innovation and sustainability.


We're looking for start-ups in
Sustainability is at the core of our vision for the future of the airline industry, and we're actively seeking pioneering start-ups to lead the way. We believe in a future where airlines are not just a means of travel but also stewards of the environment. We are keen to partner with innovative start-ups that can develop groundbreaking solutions in aviation, from more fuel-efficient aircraft designs to sustainable biofuels, and carbon offset programs. Our aim is to revolutionize the industry, making air travel not only more efficient but also more environmentally responsible.


Aviation X Lab's Cycle 3 moonshot aims to revolutionize aviation mobility through technology and AI-driven drones, enhancing the travel experience. They're developing baggage-handling drones for seamless airport journeys, utilizing AI for safe and efficient operations. This innovation reduces travel stress, and airport robotics, also AI-driven, adds convenience. Collaborating with start-ups, Aviation X Lab fosters innovation and the potential for a more efficient and enjoyable aviation future.


Application is now closed!

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